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          Q.  How often and when do students have to attend Taekwondo classes?

          A.  It is recommended that all students attend 2-3 times per week. Classes for

               Children, Adults, and for students of all ranks are offered 6 days a week and

               students can choose the times that best fit their or their personal schedule.


          Q. How much does it cost to train at KMA?

          A. School tuition is based on the type of program that you would like to participate

               in. Please stop by and speak to Grand Master Kim to discuss tuition options.



          Q. How often are belt/rank promotion tests and how much does it cost to test?

          A . Color belt testing takes place every 2 months and Black Belt promotion testing

                takes place every 4 months. There are testing fees associated with promotion

                tests. Fees vary depending on belt rank.


          Q. I am a black belt and have trained at another school. Can I transfer my rank

               to KMA

          A.  If the school was at WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) Taekwondo school,

                KMA will recognize the Black Belt rank. Students coming from different

               Associations or Affiliations (i.e. ATA), the student will have to begin at the rank

               of White Belt


          Q. Does KMA participate in Competitions and Tournaments?

          A.  Yes, KMA students have the option of participating in many tournaments

                and Taekwondo Competitions/Demonstrations throughout the year both

                locally and around the country.


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